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    Welcome To The Sedation Dentistry Practice Of Dr. Ralph Reilly

    New Jersey Sedation Dentist Providing Pain Free Dentistry

    At Advanced Dentistry, we provide pain free dentistry, and we'll find the right level of sedation dentistry to make dental care comfortable for every Middlesex patient. For some New Jersey patients, pain free dentistry-effective injections are the key to complete relaxation, while others may opt for gentle nitrous oxide. Meanwhile, patients with stronger feelings of dental phobia might choose oral sedation or IV sedation, and we even offer the strongest form of sedation dentist treatment: hospital-grade dental anesthesia. Our sedation dentist can ensure that our New Jersey patients have comfortable, anxiety-free treatments at our Middlesex sedation dentistry practice. We have a variety of dental sedation options suited for patients who have only mild anxieties to patients who have dental phobias, and even patients with no anxiety who simply want an enhanced experience can benefit from sedation dentistry from Dr. Ralph Reilly and the team at Advanced Dentistry.

    Sedation dentist, Dr. Ralph Reilly, offers sedation dentistry to address all levels of patient anxiety, from mild nervousness to severe dental phobia. Combined with our patient comforts and our compassionate professionals, our sedation dentist practice offers comprehensive and complete dentistry at our modern office in Middlesex. No matter what type of procedure you need—from restorative dentistry to cosmetic smile enhancements to dental implants - we offer pain free dentistry for all in the New Jersey area.

    What Is Sedation Dentistry?

    Sedation dentistry is provided by dentists who’ve received specialized training, education and certification in pain free dentistry, such as oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. At our Middlesex, New Jersey office, we also have an on-staff, board certified general anesthesiologist who is a medical doctor specifically trained to put patients into a deep sleep while we perform dental procedures.

    What Are The Types Of Dental Sedation?

    Our well trained and highly educated sedation dentist is trained and certified to perform all levels of sedation dentistry. We offer several types of sedation dentist services:

    • Nitrous oxide
    • Oral conscious sedation
    • IV sedation
    • General anesthesia

    General anesthesia allows us to perform pain free dentistry without discomfort, and our other sedation dentistry choices allow us to give our New Jersey patients very comfortable dental treatments.

    Is Dental Sedation Right For Me?

    Dental sedation is right for most patients seeking comfortable, pain free dentistry in Middlesex, New Jersey. Sedation dentistry benefits patients who are medically compromised, have severe gag reflex, who suffer severe dental phobias, or who need extensive treatments in one visit. If you’re avoiding the dentist because of a previously bad experience, please try our sedation dentist practices in Middlesex. We seek to give our patients a positive atmosphere and create pain free dentistry where possible.

    How Do I Choose A Sedation Dentist?

    We know that many patients seek pain free dentistry, and that’s why they look for a sedation dentist. It’s important that your sedation dentist have the right qualifications and training to ensure your complete safety and comfort during your dental treatments. At our Middlesex, New Jersey office, our dentists are educated and certified for all levels of sedation dentistry. Choosing a sedation dentist is an important aspect of your dental care.

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